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We provide professional, courteous & on-time personal shopping and gift wrapping services, for ALMOST every request. To ensure that your loved ones, friends and colleagues know exactly how much you care about them, we will carefully hand select and wrap each gift.  We understand that life can get hectic at times, so we are here to make it easier for you. By filling out the questionnaire below,  leave the rest to us. Who knows, they may never know the time you took to select something as special, as they.




Please copy & paste questionnaire into the CONTACT US box below.

1. Who is this for: Lady/Man (Initials): 

2. If it's apparel/fashion:

  • What size clothes do they wear?
  • Shoe Size? 
  • Approx. Age?
  • What is their stature (height/weight approx.)?
  • How would you describe their style?
  • What color eyes/hair?

3. For jewelry:

  • What is their Birth month?
  • What is their favorite stone?
  • What size ring?

4. For housewares:

  • How would you describe their decor style, i.e. farmhouse, eclectic, modern, traditional, etc.

5. Would you like us to include shipping, directly to recipient?  

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number

6. Would you prefer that we deliver to you so that you can hand carry your gift(s)? Address & Phone # please

  • Office
  • Home

7. What is your shopping budget?

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